Meli Marovic


Meet Meli Marovic - A fully licensed agent with 15+ years experience in real estate. Prior to moving to Australia in 1994, Meli studied social science abroad, with a professional history in welfare and social services. Meli’s broad-minded and adaptable character lead her to pursue her real estate journey whilst being an independent mother of four.

Fluent in English, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, Meli is not only culturally diverse, she acknowledges the diversity of her clients and their needs.

Purchasing and selling her own homes, and relocating numerous times, Meli is very conscious of the process, affording her a sensitivity to her clients journey. Her background in the social sciences has allowed her to master the traits of objectiveness, realism, and open-mindedness, giving Meli the ability to provide a tailored service to all of her clients, emphasising the cultural and personal needs of each person.