Our Guarantee

Property Management Service Guaranteed

We are so confident in our exceptional property management system, that we are willing to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Personal Attention
  •     With a simple point of contact, your property manager is also a director of the business. Are you sick of dealing with a different property managers every so often? Well, our directors are always, only a phone call away.

  •     If your Property Manager is unavailable at any time during business hours and you leave a message with our reception, your call will be guaranteed to be returned within 2 hours
  •     Email messages will be returned within one business day.

  •     All your letting is handled exclusively by first National Real Estate D & K directors and they will communicate with you at least once a week while your property is available to lease.

  •     We will not make any mistakes in the preparation of any documents used in the management of your property.

Repairs and Maintenance
  •     We will personally inspect all repair requests from tenants to determine if a genuine repair problem does exist. If it’s just turning the hot water system back on, we’ll do it FREE of charge rather than call out a plumber.*
  •     We will attend to any ‘urgent’ repair requests within 4 hours of receipt.
  •     We will not arrange any repairs to your property without your knowledge and approval for all maintenance greater than your pre-approved disbursement (unless the repair is defined as urgent under the Residential Tenancies Act).
  •     We will only use appropriate qualified tradespeople for any repairs and maintenance work on your property.

Rent Collection
  •     We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.
  •     We will follow up on rent arrears in accordance with:
  •     - Our fully documented arrears procedure.
  •     - The requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act.
  •     We will contact you to seek your instructions regarding possible termination of the tenancy.
  •     Should termination of the tenancy be necessary, we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Rent Monies
  •     We will deposit your rent monies into your nominated bank account within 3 business days of receiving the money from the tenants.

Promoting & Advertising
  • First National Real Estate D & K currently provides free marketing of your rental property including photography, internet listing and store front monitor display.

  •     All personal information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released to a third party without your authorisation.

Professional Standards 
  •     Our property management policies and procedures are enshrined in our Best Practice manuals and processes.
  •     We will always strive to set the highest standards in honesty, integrity and professional code of conduct.

  •     If we fail to meet any of these standards then 6 weeks management of your property will be provided free of charge.
  •     This guarantee does not apply when:
    - We are requested to carry out non-standard duties.
    - Matters are outside our control. For example a natural disaster or accident.